Wolman Products

Wolman Wood Care Products

Category: Paints, Stains & Coatings
Subcategory: Coatings
Application: Wood

Wolman wood preservatives are coatings designed to sustain the structural and surface integrity of wood.

Subcategory: Stains

All Wolman stains include a mildewcide and a powerful water repellent, and are formulated for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces (siding and decks!).

Subcategory: Surface Preparation

Wolman's surface preparation products are ideal for wood that has been previously stained or painted, wood that has been treated with a clear water repellent or never coated, and even wood installed outdoors for less than one month.

Subcategory: Waterproofing/Repellents

Wolman water repellents prohibit liquid precipitation (rain, sleet, snow and ice) from penetrating beyond the wood surface, which, if occurs frequently, can cause swelling, shrinking, warping and cracking.